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Canada's oldest and largest public adjusting firm

Our licensed Public Adjusters help our clients expedite and maximize their claim settlements. Hiring NFA means you have expert help throughout the complicated insurance claims process.

NFA takes the burden of handling a claim off your shoulders

National Fire Adjustment works for you, not the insurance company. At a difficult, stressful time when you have so many things to deal with, NFA's public adjusters relieve you of many time-consuming, complicated tasks involved in preparing and filing your insurance claim.

Here's what we do:

  • Review your insurance policy
  • Document your property damage, including all contents
  • Handle all communication with your insurance company
  • Settle your claim faster

Hiring NFA means you'll have an insurance expert on your side throughout the complicated insurance claims process.

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What We Do

Free consultation at your property

Complete review of current insurance policy

Coordinate and attend meetings with your insurance company

Maximize the benefits paid under your policy

Settle your claim much faster than you will on your own

Our Residential Property Experts

Homeowners who find themselves dealing with significant property insurance claims turn to NFA for expert help. Our experienced public adjusters help hundreds of property owners each year.

NFA can help reduce the burden of a long and challenging insurance claim process off your shoulders. Our residential team can review your policy, settle your claim faster, and ensure you receive the maximum settlement from your insurance company.

Settle property damage insurance claims with help from Sill Public Adjusters, private adjusters
Commercial claims experts, get help from Sill Public Adjusters, private adjusters

Our Commercial Property Experts

At NFA, we specialize in commercial property damage. When a disaster strikes a large manufacturing facility, apartment complex, or family-owned retail center the insurance claim process can be incredibly stressful for business owners.

NFA has led the process for some of the largest insurance claims in history, and our team has successfully navigated a claim settlement with almost every major insurance company. We take the burden off the business owners and work quickly to get your business back on the road to recovery much faster.


Free Insurance Policy Review and Damage Inspection

In just a few minutes, we can tell you what your policy covers, inspect the damage to your property and provide a detailed explanation of your obligations and responsibilities under your policy.

  • We save you valuable time and money
  • Guide you through negotiations with your insurance provider
  • Get you the settlement you deserve to restore your property
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