Extreme cold means frozen pipes and water damage

Written by: NFA Public Adjusters

Extreme cold means frozen pipes and water damage

When temperatures dip to extreme cold, your property is at risk from frozen pipes and water damage. Our public adjusting team is here to help home or business owners who find themselves dealing with significant damage left by a burst pipe.

Many business owners return to the office to find damage after taking a few days off for the holidays. Homeowners have also discovered long-term leaks after a holiday vacation.

A water leak left unnoticed for several hours or days can be devastating, damaging floors, carpets, walls, office equipment, and anything touched by water.

If the water is not cleaned up properly, mold can set in, leading to even more damage that needs to be repaired properly.

If your home or business suffered any water damage from frozen pipes, it is a good idea to hire a public adjuster to get professional help to ensure your insurance claim is handled correctly. 

Filing an insurance claim can be stressful, especially if you aren't an expert in insurance policy language. Most property owners are unaware they have the right to hire a public adjuster to represent them throughout an insurance claim.

A public adjuster levels the playing field, giving the property an advocate who will represent their best interests throughout the claim. A public adjuster does NOT work for the insurance company; they are there to expedite the claim and ensure nothing is missed in a damage inspection.

A property owner needs to understand what to expect when filing a property damage claim. 

Typically once you submit your insurance claim, your insurance company will send one of their adjusters to inspect the property, review the damage, and ask you questions about what caused it.

They will also ask you about your property's condition before the damage occurs. You will be able to provide estimates from your research about the cost of repairing any damage. This will become part of a proof of loss document that will be required for your claim.

Just so you know, the adjuster works for the insurance company. 

If you hire a public adjuster, you will have an insurance claim management expert who can produce the proof of loss documentation for you. A detailed proof of loss report that a public adjuster generated will speed up the entire process.

NFA is Canada's oldest and largest public adjusting firm. We have the experience to help business owners through complex insurance claims. We can also help homeowners who are dealing with significant damage due to a ruptured pipe.

NFA takes the burden of handling a claim off your shoulders. With our help, your claim will be settled much faster, and we will ensure you get the settlement amount you deserve from your insurance company.

Here's what we do:

  • Review your insurance policy
  • Document your property damage, including all contents
  • Handle all communication with your insurance company
  • Settle your claim faster

Hiring NFA means you'll have an insurance expert on your side throughout the complicated insurance claims process.

Water damage claims can be complex as moisture may lead to hidden damage that your insurance company's adjuster could overlook. 

Our team of property damage experts will carefully inspect every inch of your property and use moisture detection technology to find any potential issues behind walls and hard-to-reach areas of your property.

It is essential to understand what is or is not covered by your insurance policy during a water damage claim. If rising floodwaters caused the damage, your property might only be covered if you have specific flood coverage in your policy.

Your policy should cover your damages for water damage caused by other sources. For example, you should be covered if a tree falls on the roof during a storm and rainwater causes further damage.

Water damage from a broken water supply line would also be covered if the leak was sudden and accidental. 

It is possible that your policy does not cover damage caused by a gradual leak that slowly spreads.

If your home or business has been damaged, you can contact NFA 24/7 by calling 800.790.2622.